Before you proceed to register for ACTA, please complete the ACTA Enrolment Questionnaire.

The questionnaire is designed to provide applicants with an indication as to what it takes to be an adult educator (AE),
especially those considering a career as a freelance AE, now or in the future.

Should you be keen to find out more about the work of an AE, please write in to IAL's AE Career Advisory service at
IAL will connect you with an experienced freelance AE to provide you with advice about navigating Training and Adult Education (TAE) sector 
to offer Continuing Education and Training (CET).

While the AECA is a complimentary value-added service offered by IAL's Adult Education Network (AEN),
please note that the advisory service does not extend to providing assignment-matching opportunities.

Upon submission of the ACTA Enrolment Questionnaire, please proceed with the registration process:

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