Before you apply for ACTA, please take this self-assessment questionnaire to get a sense of what it takes to be an adult educator (AE), 
especially if you intend to become a freelancer, now or in the future.

Please be assured that you can apply for ACTA regardless of what your self-assessment is. This questionnaire is not a screening tool. 
It is meant only to help potential ACTA applicants intending to pursue freelance AE work about what lies ahead of them, 
before they invest time, effort and money in the programme.

If you have further questions after taking the self-assessment, and would like to contact a real-life freelance AE for advice, 
you can write in to IAL's AE career advisory service at 
Please note however that this is an advisory service. It is free but it does not provide assignment-matching opportunities.

Please save a copy of your self-assessment result which is sent to your email for future reference. 

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